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Puppy Club

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At puppy club we teach you all the basics you need to know to kickstart you on your journey to having a well behaved adult dog.

Puppy Club is one of the only classes available to sign up for in an 8 week block. Those initial 8 weeks are designed to help you through the first tricky stages, guide you through proper socialisation, and show you how to train your new dog. 

Ideally puppies should be under 5 months and have had their first vaccine, they dont need all the vaccine doses to come, just the initial one. 

If you have a slightly older rescue puppy let us know and we can allocate you to the most appropriate class. 

In puppy club we teach 

- Basic obedience (sit, down etc) 

- Loose lead walking 

- Recall 

- Manners 

- Go to bed game 

- We talk about nutrition, socialisation and sleep

As well as much much more!

Puppy Socials!

As well as general puppy classes, we also run extra sessions just for socialisation! These sessions are designed just to show you how to socialise your puppy with other dogs safely and appropriately! Up to three sessions available to non puppy class clients! Theses sessions ideally should be done alongside class!

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