121 Training & Behaviour

Bespoke training designed around your needs

Puppy Package


  • Phone consultation to discuss your needs

  • 3 x 45  minute 121 sessions

  • 4 group classes

  • ​Trainer on Tap - phone and email support for the duration of your training

  • Resource starter pack


Adult Dog 121


  • Phone consultation to discuss your needs

  • Two bespoke 121 lessons with our training experts (60-90 mins each)

  • Trainer on Tap - phone and email support for the duration of your training

  • Resource starter pack

  • Follow on sessions £85 each or block for four for £320

Adult Dog Bundle!

4 x 121 sessions 

4 group classes 


Separation Anxiety Package


Initial consultation (home visit) £175 inc mileage*

Package £650 which includes initial consultation plus three months phone/email support.

Enquire for more details

*mileage within 20 miles of BS216UY 


Reactivity Issues


Initial block of two sessions £320 

Follow on sessions £90 each 

Block of four follow on sessions £340

Dogs with human aggression problems, and a bite history - initial consultation with two trainers £250

Dog on Blue

Sue & Brian (Dachshund)

I first met Bryony and her team when my pup and I joined one of eye to eye's group puppy classes. These were professionally run and fun. For the last few months we have been doing one-to-one training with Bryony to help with recall training. Bryony has so much experience with a range of different dogs. Even though my pup isn't the most 'straightforward' to train, Bryony was able to use her great 'toolkit' to get results! Thank you Bryony for all your help - we're now enjoying off lead walks confident that we've got the skills we need to deal with whatever our walks through at us.


Casey & Chewy (GSD)

Bryony and Sarah are very skilled and they took care to learn about our dog, Chewie, his personality and our relationship with him. The advice they gave came from a place of expertise but was without judgement. It was as if they were in it with us to help us all be the best we could be. Chewie’s a shouty teenage German Shepherd and they definitely weren’t put off by his craziness. After only one session, we’ve gained so much help and practical advice with Chewbacca. Can’t wait for the next session!


Maca & Kinkles (Malinois)

EYE2EYE is the best. I’ve been training with them for a few months now, and I love our sessions. They're very knowledgeable and explains not only how to teach something, but why that way and how my dog will understand it. I love the no nonsense approach and her honesty, the fact that I can contact them when I’m struggling (and they'll gladly go over it with me one million more times if necessary) and I love how they've transformed my puppy. She was unsure of everything when I first got her, now she’s a very confident pup, constantly learning new skills, all thanks to EYE2EYE!