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Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jelous

14/02/2018 - General

What a week! I have had lots of requests to write blogs on things like dogs and kids, laser pens, and other negative things but this week i just cant bring myself to write anything but a positive post. I have had a fantastic week with such lovely dogs and owners i feel really privileged to be in the occupation i am. A combination of things have positively reinforced me this week, i have had a lovely bunch of puppies and owners graduate from our Advanced Puppy Class on Wednesday night, each and every puppy and person in this class has put 200% into learning the skills and tools they need to bring up a well balanced pup so well done to Mischa, James, Gill and Helen, you guys really have set a high bar for puppies coming through EYE2EYE now. 
Thursday then brought week 3 of our Kingston puppy class, what an awesome set of dogs and people, as soon as my tracking geeks left at 6pm the puppy owners start piling in and i'm instantly hit by the enthusiasm of some of the kids that come to class asking questions on how to improve behaviours and what to do in different circumstances. Puppies did great, we picked up two little habits in two individual puppies that we addressed and put a plan in place for, things like resource guarding and distancing themselves from owners can seem minor at this age but coming to terms with a potential issue now  instead of parring it off with "I am sure he will grow out of it" could be the make or break for these dogs in future years.  The thing i find most amazing about this class is that everyone listens to the issues and no one is afraid of them - no one makes snap assumptions and everyone is really supportive. 
Then i had a fantastic Partnership Grades class where we started to work on some of the intricacies of obedience type stuff which seems to be my thing this week :) 
Friday night is always a fun one with my "Bandana's" training first, these super stars have been training with me for what seems like forever (i think maybe 18months?) but you all make me laugh and smile and your training really is stepping from great to highly epic!
Last but not least was a new bunch of Level 1 Trick Uber Dudes! What a fantastic class, a super bunch of uber sociable dogs and people all of which have done lots of dog stuff before, be it trainers, to massage practitioners. I cant wait to get my teeth into you guys (i did just say that) and i can see that we are going to have a fun assessment in six weeks time!
One day off for me now and then we are hitting the WSDA with full force on Sunday with our MANHUNT one day introduction course. If you want to see what I'm up to today, il be doing some working trials training, have a look on the Facebook page and il upload some videos.
Thank you for making my week epic!