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Classes are typically between 4-6 dogs per session.
They are all between 45mins and 1 hour long.
Some group classes are only suitable for dogs happy working around people and other dogs.

Most of our classes are bookable online.

For adult obedience classes please email us to book so we can match you to the right class.
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Join our membership club today from £65 per month

Why this is the right dog school for you...

You have been to other dog training classes before but you just feel like you haven't ever really "finished" what you started. The class was in a village hall where "real life" didn't really exist, your dog was distracted by all the other dogs from lack of space and you didn't get enough time on one thing to ever really get your head around it.

Don't worry, we get it. We started that way too and vowed things had to change, thats why we re modelled our curriculum, offering memberships for long lasting support not just six weeks of village hall shenanigans.

We also know that environment influences learning to such an extent, that we created our very own dog training facility suited exactly to help YOU achieve your goals and get problem behaviours fixed for good! 

What does a monthly membership entail?

Our membership system is designed around you. 

We know you can't train a 10 week old puppy in six weeks! We have re modelled what is a super outdated system for training dogs, and transformed it into a supportive, fun, learning based club where you stay until you feel you have achieved everything you hoped for. 

Are you wanting to get the very best out of your dog? Not just killer obedience but do you dream of being able to participate in dog sports, enhancing your dogs life and putting those instincts to work! You are our dream client! We want people who are dedicated, committed, and want to work hard, in exchange we can give you a team of trainers with other 40 years combined experience, a state of the art dog training venue where "real life" is accessible to students, and coaches who are competing internationally and at the top of their game. 

No where else in the South West will you access such a diverse, open minded hub of dog trainers.

What's the catch?

There isn't one! All we ask is that you are as committed as we are to helping your dog. 

Your monthly payment will be charged to your card on the same day every month. If you need to cancel you can do so anytime, all we ask is that you give us ten working days notice. There is no tie in or contract, you are free to come and go as you wish.

Whilst you are paying your membership fee, your space will be held in your chosen class for you every week. 

You'll also receive exclusive membership benefits such as free or discounted entry to events and seminars, discounted prices in our shop, reduced rates on hire facilities and access to massively discounted 121's with our behaviourist should you need them. You'll also be able to get free telephone and email support from our behaviourists and trainers, Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm

Join Today

Fill out this form if you would like to sign up to our membership club

We can't wait to get you started!


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