Classes are typically between 4-6 dogs per session. They are all 1 hour long. Group classes are only suitable for dogs happy working around people and other dogs.
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Puppy Club

This class is the first stop for new puppies. This class runs as an 8 week block, as a pre cursor to moving on to dog club.

Upcoming start dates 

19/10/2021 5.00pm

Dog Club

This class is designed for adult dogs (over 6 months) and covers general obedience like recall, lead walking and manners. 

Please get in touch to become a member.

Scent club

In this class you will teach your dog how to indicate on a target odour. We teach the dog advanced searching skills of buildings, cars, objects and identity line ups. 

Please get in touch to become a member.

Bryony, Gus, Toad & Juno - DSC00317_edited.png

Trick club

Not just tricks, this club teaches you how to train your dog precise and accurate behaviours. 

Super for new rescues to help build a bond, or adults looking for something new and fun. 

Next Beginner class starts 14/10/2021 @ 19.15

Spaces in our advanced group! Please email to book.