Classes are typically between 4-6 dogs per session. They are all 1 hour long. Group classes are only suitable for dogs happy working around people and other dogs.

Get in touch to book so we can match you to the right group. Booking not available online.
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Puppy Club

Puppy club is designed for doggo's that have had their first vaccine, ideal starting age is 10 weeks. 

These are group classes, and work as a pre cursor to dog club! 

Spaces available to start immediately! 

£70 per month

New class starting 11/07/2022 @11.30am 

Dog Club

This class is designed for adult dogs (over 6 months) and covers general obedience like recall, lead walking and manners. 

Please get in touch to become a member.

Spaces available to start immediately!

£70 per month

Scent club

In this class you will teach your dog how to indicate on a target odour. We teach the dog advanced searching skills of buildings, cars, objects and identity line ups. 

Please get in touch to become a member.

All classes full- 121 scent lessons available on Thursdays.

£70 per month

Bryony, Gus, Toad & Juno - DSC00317_edited.png

Trick club

Not just tricks, this club teaches you how to train your dog precise and accurate behaviours. 

Super for new rescues to help build a bond, or adults looking for something new and fun. 

Please enquire to join.

£70 per month

kids summer holiday activites

We are running weekly group fun sessions for kids over the summer holidays! All children must be accompanied by an adult. Free refreshments and seating for adults while the kids get on and have fun.


1st August - TRICKS

8th August - FUN & GAMES

15th August - HOOPERS

22nd August - TRICKS

29th August - FUN & GAMES 

£15 per session

To book please click here and find the date you want on the calendar