Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring with you TONNES of high value treats such as cheese, ham, chicken. If you haven't got treats to bring, we do have them available to buy at class, please come a few minutes early if you wish to buy treats.

Please also bring your dog on a normal flat collar and/or harness and a normal flat lead. 

Please do not bring choke chains, flexi leads, half chokes etc 

Can we bring the whole family to class?

Well behaved children are welcome to come to class. Please make sure anyone you bring with you to dog training class, is happy to get involved. Children need to enter the venue quietly and calmly so as to not scare anyone elses dog. 

Will I get a class information email?

Yes you will get an email shortly before your class starts, but you should find answers to any questions you have on here. 

I haven't trained with you before, can I just book a class online and come along?

Yes you can, but if you are having behavioural issues with your dog we would suggest you contact us first.
If you have a new puppy please book online ASAP as we get booked up quite far in advance.

My dog doesn't like other dogs, can I come to class?

Yes, we have excellent facilities to cope with less social dogs but please contact us first to check the class you want to attend is appropriate for your dog. 

How do I book the secure paddock?

Use the "secure paddock" page on the website. 

Where is the class?

The classes are held at our venue in Kingston Seymour. Please click HERE  to find out more about how to get here etc. 

Is there parking available?

Yes there is.  When we have a big class running the car park can get close to max capacity so please make sure you use the whole car park and park sensibly.

If i cant make it to a group class what should i do?

If you cannot make it to class then please notify us beforehand. Unfortionatley we cannot refund you for classes missed, if we can get you into another group for catch up we will but this cannot be garunteed. Please call/text  07702 736417 and leave a message. If you would like to see if you can attend a catch up session, please mention this in your message, so that we know to call you back.

If I cannot make it for a private training appointment, what should I do?

Please cancel your private appointment as soon as possible; we prefer 24 hours notice so we can schedule other clients who may be waiting for an appointment. If a client no shows for an appointment or our trainer arrives to the appointment at your home and you have not notified them that you are unavailable then the appointment rate will be charged.

My dog is very noisy, how do I keep them quiet during class?

The first lesson in any group class is normally a little noisy. Our trainers are experienced in handling noisy dogs and provide visual barriers and food stuffed toys to minimize barking. Please do not be embarrassed, all our dogs have funny quirks!

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