Head Trainer - Bryony Cole

Bryony's back ground is in working dogs. After working and training her own dogs for several years she realised positive training methods were by far the most effective way of getting the best out of her dogs. 
Bryony has achieved many qualifications and accreditations including becoming a force free trick trainer and being one of the first ever qualified World Scent Dog Association Trainers
With her own dogs Bryony regular trains Tricks, Scentwork, and cattle dog work.
Bryony has a Bruno Jura Hound, a  NZ Huntaway, and a Working Line German Shepherd  who she is training for the Mondioring Test 



Trainer - Rachel Whiting

Rachel has completed many qualifications and teaches everything from classes to 121's and scootering. With her own dogs, Milo the labrador, and Harvey the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Rachel regularly trains scent work and tricks and is currently completing her Gundog grades with her Toller, Harvey

Training & Behaviour - Sarah Treweek 

Sarah is currently studying for a degree in animal bahviour and will be accreddied by the APBC Sarah also has a love for agility and hoopers, and has a rescue  collie x lab called Maddie.
Sarah has a love for fitness and nutrition and before coming a dog trainer, was a police officer for 29 years.
Sarah and Maddie have passed all four trick levels!


Heelwork to Music - Steph Rendall

Steph teaches our heelwork to music classes 
Steph's love of Heelwork to Music began when she watched a demonstration a d taught her 9 year old Jack Russell one of the moves in under 10 minutes. She was able to have lessons from two of THE top handlers in both Heelwork (Carole Dodson) and Freestyle (Richard Curtis) which gave her a solid foundation to build on. This foundation led from Starters to Crufts in under 22 months, and made Lottie, Steph's Jack Russell, the first small dog to qualify for the freestyle finals. From her first dog, a 10 1/2 year old German Shepherd to her current Jack Russells, Steph has trained a variety of breeds, both her own and other people's, in several different activities. Stephs older Jack Russell has competed in 7 classes and been placed in each one.