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Perfect Fit  Harness 

These harnesses are great as they have front and rear
attaching points. They fit perfectly, hence the name and come in three 
different pieces meaning you can replace one section rather than the whole 
harness when your dog out grows it 
We sell these in the training centre

Bungee toys for interactive play

These toys are great for using as a reward or helping
your dog to engage. We stock Paws Trading Toys in 
our classes for you to buy. They also have a real skin 
range for terriers or hunting dogs 

Click HERE to visit Paws Trading

Licki Mat 

Like snuffle mats, these are great for helping your
dog to settle, we sell them in class, you can even get
one that sticks to the bath to help with grooming 

Click HERE  to shop LIckimats 

Pro Dog Raw 

The best in the business. Nutrition is EVERYTHING in training and behaviour, and we are lucky enough
to be ambassadors for this amazing company. If you are thinking of changing food, give ProDog Raw a 
try, you wont look back. 

Use code "E2E1" to get a discount from your order 

ProDog Raw only offer RAW dog food. Nothing is added, processed or unnatural. Our (BARF) raw dog food is as clean and close to nature as raw feeding gets! We have worked tirelessly to provide customers with the very best in our range of puppy, pure and complete working raw dog food refusing to include industry standard fillers found in many other raw dog food brands. Each of the carefully selected ingredients offer exceptional health benefits to your dog, packed full of outstanding nutritional value.

Click HERE to visit the website 



Houndagrips Leads and Longlines 

The best in the business, these leads are strong and 
last a lifetime. They sell training leads (great for loose
lead walking) and long lines for recall 
Click HERE to be taken to their website 

Snuffle Mats

These mats are a great way to feed your dog, or keep 
them calm whilt learning to settle, you can buy kits to
make your own! 

Click HERE to look for them on Amazon

Nina Ottoson Games 

These games are great fun and help develop your 
dogs problem solving skills. They do games from novice 
to advanced and they are a real challenge!

Click HERE to find Nina Ottoson games 



Beco Toys for at home

Beco make all their toys from recycled products which 
is great news if you want to help the environment. 
These toys are great for playing with in the home 
Click HERE to be taken to Beco's site 


These are the saviour of puppy ownership, and dog
ownership alike. Every dog owner should have a good
selection. The classic shape in the picture is the best. 
Google kong recipies to get stuffing ideas! 

Click HERE to look for Kongs on Amazon 

Dog Gone Good Treat Bag

The original and best. We sell two different varieties of 
treat bag in class. If you really want to step up your 
training game, you need a decent treat pouch 

Click HERE for Doggonegood pouches 
Click HERE for the "Trainers Pouch"



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