Residential Training

Residential Training is a great option if your dog maybe needs a more intensive training programme, if you dont have the time to train, or if you are going on holiday and think your dog could benefit with a training stay, rather than doing nothing while you are away. 

Our residential training service is second to none.

Your dog will get lots of individual attention every day, we only ever have maximum of three dogs boarding. 

The dogs stay in our new kennel block while they are with us. 

As well as training from Bryony, a nationally renowned dog trainer, your dogs training will be tailored to their specific needs. 


What We Offer


-     Countryside walks 

-     Secure field exercise 

-     Individual attention

-     Customised training plans 

-     Socialising and habituation if needed 

-    Trips to specific environments should the dogs training require it 

-    Professional dog massage 

-    Professional dog grooming

-    Raw diets and supplements catered for 

-    Air conditioned fully equipped vehicle for    transport 

-    Pick up / Drop off 

-    Exercise with dog trainers, not left alone 

-    Intensive training packages

Holiday boarding from £35/night 

Residential training programmes from £50/night 

Get in contact today to enquire about residential training for your dog. 

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