Terms and conditions 
All training techniques carried out by EYE2EYE are kind, fair and reward based.
Class and workshop sizes are a maximum of 4 to 8 dogs per trainer and behaviour cases are taken on a 121 basis.
Classes and workshops are designed to be fun and rewarding for both dog and the handler but in the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare it is important that the following terms and conditions are noted.
The family can attend but all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult other than the main handler of the dog.
When attending our training classes or workshops you commit yourself to dog friendly training, science based methods.  
Harsh handling is not permitted and any tutor has the right to ask a handler to leave if they refuse the advice regarding this.
We expect all dogs to wear a normal flat collar or harness and lead. Choke chains, check chains, prong collars, punitive methods and manhandling are not allowed.
Dogs are to be kept on a lead in and around our training venues unless specifically requested by the trainer. All dogs must be kept under control and on a lead.

Payment terms:
We expect payment in full before the start of each course of classes. 
We regret refunds for classes are not available apart from in exceptional circumstances.
Refunds for workshops and seminars are not available.
Workshop places are not transferable 
It is EYE2EYE tutor’s discretion to terminate an owner’s place in a class if the owner does not pay, notify of cancellation of a lesson or displays unacceptable behaviour towards other owners, dogs or trainers.

Cancellation of behaviour consultation, 121 appointments, classes or workshops:
If you are unable to attend your class but decide to book a place on the course then unfortunately we cannot waver the fees for the lessons you miss.
In the unlikely event of the training session being cancelled by EYE2EYE a catch up lesson will be given in return.
We do not take a deposit on the booking of a behaviour consultation and work in good faith that these cases are more serious. Full payment should be taken on the day of the consult or else receipt of payment is needed before any support or reports of the session are sent out.
If you cancel your appointment 24 hours or less before the consultation is due to take place you are obliged to pay the appointment charge.
We do not take a deposit on the booking of a 121 with any of our trainers or behaviourist and work in good faith.

All dogs attending class should be fully vaccinated.
Please do not bring your dog to class if he or she has been coughing, vomiting or has diarrhea. If you are unsure whether or not to bring your dog to class or attending a 121 or behaviour consult please do not hesitate to call your trainer or speak with your veterinary surgeon.
If you have further questions or if you wish to make a complaint please contact us

Secure Paddock Terms  

We are lucky enough to have a secure field available to hire. 

The field is just over 1 acre and is fenced with 5ft 6' deer fencing 

The field is kept tidy and we would like users to help us keep it that way 

Booking is available in 45 minute time slots, we ask that you arrive no earlier than your deignated time, and you leave promptly by your finish time as there may be people coming in after you with anti-social dogs

Please pick up all dog poo and put it in the bin provided 

Please do not bring your dog if he/she is showing signs of being poorly or unwell.

Unfortionately we cannot give refunds unless you cancel your booking more than 48hrs prior

Unfortionately we cannot allow more than 6 dogs at a time, if you would like to bring more than 6 please give us a call.

The paddock is fenced with 5ft6' deer fencing, the fencing is checked regularly for holes and damage, but your dogs safety and welfare still remains your responsibilty.

Please note: On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights (5-8pm) there will be training classes being held on the next door field, there is hedge blocking the view a little but please be warned if your dog is not happy in the presence of other dogs you may wish to book another time slot.

Admittance is by appointment only - please do not just turn up.

Please have a read through our terms and conditions below before making a booking.

​In making a booking, you agree that:

  • You or your dogs will not get out of your car until the previous clients are safely in their car or have left the premises.

  • Visiting dog(s)  will be accompanied by their owner(s) at all times.

  • Visiting dogs will not be let off the lead in the parking area.

  • All payments are non-refundable. 

  • We will not take responsibility for any damage caused to you, your car,  pet or any item of property. You are responsible for your own (and your dog's) safety and agree to use the field at your own risk

  • There is only one parking space available, if you want to come with a friend please make sure you car share, there is no other parking close to the paddock.

  • You will be responsible for picking up poo after your dog and placing it in the bin provided or taking it home with you.

  • You will bring a torch and a light for your dogs collar if visiting us after dark and you will not visit us for the first time in the dark.

  • You will not allow your dog to dig holes in the field.

  • Your dog and any other pets in your household do not show any signs of being unwell.

  • You are using the space for personal, recreational use only. (For commercial clients contact us)

  • You will collect all of your personal items, including dog toys and rubbish after a session.

  • Sessions are 45 minutes long, starting on the hour. This allows for a smooth changeover between visitors.

  • All bookings are subject to availability.