We offer a wide range of services to dog owners and dog professionals from classes, 121 lessons and seminars, to residential training and boarding. We offer our training services in person and online.


Our purpose it to provide modern, science based dog training methods, that are effective and dynamic for owners to use and achieve their dog training goals with. 


Each of our trainers have slightly different styles of training dogs, but we all base our foundations on a reward based, ethical techniques, which include using motivation, food, toys and markers.

Puppy Classes

We are passionate about getting you and your new puppy off to the best possible start. Our six week puppy course will teach you all the essential skills to raise an obedient, well balanced dog.

Workshops and Seminars

We regularly hold specialist workshops and seminars for pet owners and professional to help them continue their academic development. Our events are organised in a way in which delegates can get the most out of their learning experience.

1-2-1 Training

From helping you with your new rescue dog to teaching you amazing tricks and techniques, we can help you on a 121 basis at our own venue or in the comfort of your home.


Scent work is great for any dog needing to burn off some energy, participate in a low arousal sport, or train to detect odours at competition level. We have weekly classes and 121's in several different fields of scent work.

Do you need trained dogs for your media project? We provide dogs for all media projects such as film, tv or photo shoots.
Bryony Cole - Head TrainerBryony Cole is our head trainer at EYE2EYE, She has three dogs, Juno, 2 year old German Shepherd who she is training for the sport of Mondioring, Gus, five year old NZ Zealand Huntaway and Toadie, a 8 year old rescue Jura Hound
Bryony Cole - Head Trainer