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Emma Svensson
Mondrioring Seminar

About the Course

The workshop is aimed primarily for those using reinforcement based training methods, however everyone is welcome.

To book a handler place on this course, please email
Saturday will be training on the field doing obedience, jumps and protecting, we look at each dog/handlers level how to take next step, techniques, I will also do some decoy work for the ones who wants it, show how I do decoy work for my own dogs for the technical parts like in guard of object and escorts.
Sunday the same as arrangement as Saturday but then will also have a decoy to help us out.
I will also from a judges perspective tell you how to save points in handling at competition during all weekend.
And most of all we will have a fun time, with hopefully a lot of laughter’s!

Your Instructor

Emma Svensson (Sweden)

BIO Emma Svensson
I have been training and competing in dog sports since I was 13 years old. The breeds that I have had is miniature and Giant Schnauzer, German Hunting terrier, East Siberian Laika, German Shepherd. Got my first Malinois 2002, have had five since then and will never change.

I started with mondioring 2003 with my Malinois female Blackneck’s Xa. We participated in following
Mondioring WC 2007 - 5th place
Mondioring WC 2008 - 12th place
Mondioring WC 2009 - 4th place
Mondioring WC 2010 - 5th place, team bronze
FMBB 2009+2010
Swedish Championship IPO 2009
My present dog, Malinois male Magic van de Berlex-Hoeve I have participated in following
Mondioring WC 2016 MR1 - 2nd place
FMBB 2017 MR2 - 1st place
Mondioring WC 2017 - 15th place
FMBB 2018 - World Champion
Mondioring WC 2018 – 15th place
FMBB 2019 – 12th place
Mondioring WC 2019 – 39th place
FCI WC 2020 – 5th place
Now I have a young male, The Eagle van de Berlex-Hoeve, one year old who will be my next partner in crime!
I became a USMRA mondioring judge 2014 and when moving back to Sweden 2014 I became a European judge. I have judged in Sweden, USA, Philippines, Czech Republic and Israel.

The seminar will cover my thoughts in all exercise in theory Friday night also my ideas about how to train without a decoy.

Scent work
Murder Mystery

Come and join our scent work murder mystery!

There will be many different stations to search.

Each station will contain a clue.

The target odours will be clove and gun oil.

If you come without a partner we can pair you with someone else.
Teams of Two
Max 10 teams


Prizes and certificates will be given to the winners.

Cost £25 per dog

Booking in advance required.

Reactive dog owners should email before booking.

Should covid cancel our event, we will reschedule

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